"VeskoBel" – a Successful Business Project at the "Brest" FEZ territory

On the 5th of March the joint venture "VescoBel" LLC selebrates 20 years anniversary since it was registered as a resident of the free economic zone "Brest".

Over the past years, the founders and employees of the company have worked hard, systematically turning creative ideas into a successful business project at the "Brest" FEZ territory. The company produces high quality glass units that meet regulatory requirements and provide the specified technical parameters.

The design of insulating glass units is determined by the customer, based on the required characteristics and properties, depending on the area of its application. At the request of the client, it is possible to manufacture double-glazed windows of various shapes, as well as using internal decorative elements.

To impart the necessary characteristics to glass, the enterprise has special technological equipment that allows processing glass with a soft coating without damaging it.

With increased customer requirements for the safety of double-glazed windows, laminated glass of various protection classes is used in production.

JV "VeskoBel" LLC is a dynamically developing enterprise, the products of which are well known among construction organizations, manufacturers of window, door and stained-glass structures.

Many new imposing buildings in Brest, that define the modern look of the city above the Bug, were built using double-glazed windows from the “VeskoBel” company. Among them there are the Diagonal office center, the STATUS business center, the renovated building of the Brest Central Department Store and many others. At the same time, their lightness, beauty, aspiration for the future are associated precisely with the structural elements made of glass.

The enterprise has its own production base with modern technological equipment from the world leading manufacturers. The production area located in the free economic zone is 4 390 m² and it has all the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure.

In 2021, it is planned to launch a new glass tempering facility. The implementation of this project will allow not only to expand the assortment list of products, but also to optimize production processes, to reduce the production time for insulating glass units with tempered glass.

The products of JV "VeskoBel" LLC has been awarded numerous awards and diplomas at republican and regional competitions in various nominations. This "Brest" FEZ resident was repeatedly awarded the title of laureate of the competitions "The best goods of the Republic of Belarus". It was a diploma winner of the competition "Prize of the Brest Regional Executive Committee in the field of quality."

Expansion of production leads to the creation of new jobs. Today the company employs over 50 specialists. The company management strives to create all the necessary conditions for personnel, to secure highly qualified personnel. Continuous development of production with the use of innovative solutions, the use of modern equipment, the introduction of advanced technologies, the attraction of qualified specialists, their training and education in combination with constant care for people - all these are the components of the success of the business project of JV "VeskoBel" LLC . It is the success, proven by the 20 years of practice.