Cost Of Rent And Energy

In order to implement their investment projects with the possibility of creation of their own infrastructure, investors are granted a lease on land plots. A Lease Agreement is concluded between the investor and the administration and remains unaltered in the course of duration of the investment project, i.e. during the period of time when the enterprise has the status of a resident enterprise in the “Brest” Free Economic Zone.

The cost of construction of production areas amounts to 200-500 US dollars per 1 m2.

The cost of purchase of previously used production areas amounts to 150-350 US dollars per 1 square meter, depending on the location and technical condition of the facility.


- Electricity for industrial enterprises - 0.13 US dollars per 1 kw/hour

 - Gas - 0.32 US dollars per 1 m³

 - Water supply - 0.38 US dollars per 1 m³

 - Sewerage - 0.38 US dollars per 1 m³

 - Heating - 58 US dollars per 1 Gcal