1996 - Creation of “Brest” free economic zone – the first FEZ in the Republic of Belarus.
1997 – starting works for construction of transport and engineering infrastructure: building of roads, a lining of gas pipelines and inner engineering networks, water supply and the water drain, reconstruction of treatment facilities of the airport.
1998 – a maximum quantity of residents (35) had been registered during one year. Among them there were such companies as JV LLC «Santa Bremor», JSC "Involux", UE «Pinskdrev - Euro-Mebel» of JSC "Pinskdrev", UE «SТiМ».
2001 – production spaces of 5 largest factories of Brest were included in the zone infrastructure. They are an electromechanical factory, an electric lamp plant, a radio engineering factory, a machine-building factory and a "Tsvetotron" factory.
2001 – the first on this area – FE JSC “BELS” (an office furniture production factory)- was opened up on the investment platform "Airport".
2002 – an international investment forum was held in "Brest" FEZ. Representatives of business circles of Belarus and CIS countries and other foreign countries were participants of the forum. Also the diplomatic corps of the embassies accredited in the republic and consulates were widely presented.
2005 – the number of employees at the enterprises-residents had reached 10 thousand persons.
2006 – "Brest" FEZ celebrated the 10-year-old anniversary which was marked by the impressive figure: total export for all period of its activity had made 1 billion US dollar. The main articles of export - fish production, meat products, furniture, cars and paints for road marking.
2010 – the Deputy Minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky, the Deputy Minister of economic development of Italy Adolfo Urso and the Governor of the Brest region Konstantin Sumar signed the Declaration for creation of Italian Industrial Area on the "Brest" FEZ territory. Area territory is 26 ha.
2011 – 26 enterprises were registered as the FEZ residents, including a number of large companies with departmental subordination located in other cities of the region. Among them: JV «PP Polesie» Ltd. (Kobrin), OJSC «Kobrin Spinning and Weaving Mill "Ruchaika", OJSC "Barhim" » and OJSC "Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation" (Baranovichi), OJSC "Industrial Trading Amalgamation "Polesie" (Pinsk), etc.
2016 – the territories located in Brest and Brest District, Baranovichi, Pinsk, Kobrin with a total area of 3328.8 ha were included into the Free Economic Zone; as a result, the “Brest” FEZ area grew to 10697.1 ha.
2020 – In accordance with Presidential Decree of April 29, 2020 No. 152, two land plots located in the city of Ivatsevichi and the Ivatsevichi region were attached to the territory of the "Brest" FEZ. After that, the total area of the "Brest" FEZ is 10802.6 hectares (over 108 km²).
2020 – On the date of December 31, 2020: 74 companies are registered as the "Brest" FEZ residents, including 47 ones with foreign capital. The FEZ enterprises employ 22.4 thousand people. Since its foundation, the total investment has reached approximately US $ 1.7 milliard. In 2020, the FEZ companies exported goods worth $ 670 million, and the export included 80 countries of the world.