"Brest" Free Economic Zone

The Territory Of New Opportunities


About Us

In 1996, at the start of qualitative economic transformations, the first Free Economic Zone was established in the Republic of Belarus. The “Brest” FEZ has become a territory of new possibilities for innovative forms of business management and implementation of promising investment projects with foreign capital.

There is a variety of valid reasons why Brest was specifically chosen as the first place for innovative activities, namely: advantageous geographical location on the EU border, easier access to the CIS/EEU markets, close location to automobile, railway, river and air communication routes, availability of production areas with well-developed transportation utility infrastructure and, last but not least, people with high level of education, professional skills, creative initiative who are always ready to do their job.

These days, the “Brest” FEZ is a 50 km2 economic territory with convenient production areas; entrepreneurship activities of Belarusian and foreign investors give life to such production areas. Businesspeople from twenty countries have duly appreciated the advantages, which combine significant tax incentives, customs preferences and solid legal guarantees, of the “Brest” FEZ.